Holistic Investing Program

Are you ready to become an investor?  Have you tried and become frustrated with your lack of knowlege?  Our Holistic investing Program  is designed to teach you how to evaluate businesses in any stage of their lifecycle, know the key metrics for different types of businesses, and differentiate great investments from mediocre ones.  We provide a systematic approach that will make you a confident, competent investor.

After Our Holistic Investing Program, You Will:


Our holistic investing approach will give you the tools you need to successfully invest in any type of business, in any stage of its lifecycle, using the appropriate analysis methods and style.  Without needing an accounting degree, we will show you which financial data is relevant to make good decisions.


You learn that you can easily invest on your own, with minimal time commitment, and build legacy wealth that will last for generations.


Discover how intellectually stimulating investing can be, and master the most important element of all — your emotions — to ensure you achieve maximum success.   Find your own investment style and be a fearless investor!


You will have access to our Holistic Investing community, where you can build a support network of like-minded seasoned investors. Investing can be a lonely journey; you will connect with investing colleagues who can offer you support, ideas, and engagement that will enhance your investing career.



Set Your Mindset for Success

Set the stage by understanding the mindset of a successful investor, assess your investing personality, and know your wealth target (your “Financial Freedom Number”).  Get ready for your investment journey!


Quantitative Analysis: Focus on Financials

Understanding the financials of a business is the first step in Wealth Angels investing.  We will show you the key ratios and metrics for different business types.


The Soft Side: Qualitative Analysis

Key factors to consider in investing are not always numerical.  We will teach you how to look at qualitative factors, which are often more important than quantitative analysis.  Quality of management, competitive advantage, industy outlook, corporate culture, and more are vital considerations when assessing a business.


Price Matters: Valuation

Learn how to use appropriate valuation techniques to determine if the business is over-valued or under-valued.

“Price is what you pay, value is what you get”  — Warren Buffet


Timeliness: Using Technical Analysis

Apply technical analysis to optimize your entry and possible exit points.


Tools and Resources

Discover readily-available tools to enhance your analysis:

  • Screen for great businesses based upon their financials
  • Dig into qualitative factors
  • Compare results with competitors
  • Determine fair value from various sources
  • Track your portfolio
  • Get our guidance on which sources are reliable in the wild and wooly world of financial advice

Who This Course Is and Is not for

Who This Course is Not For

Who This Course is For

You are happy with low returns in your portfolio.

You do not have the time and commitment to put the effort to learn the right way to invest.

You are looking for penny stock, cryptocurrency or trading alerts.

You are looking to “get rich quick” and expecting stock recommendations.

You want to learn the foundations of personal finances before start investing.

You are sick and tired of paying financial advisor’s fees and commissions for low returns.

You want to understand how to choose great businesses and become a holistic investor.

You are ready to take control of your finances and life.

You want to learn the art and science of investing.