Who We Are

Sonny Kirtley

Sonny has been investing in individual stocks for 26 years and is an active memeber and contractor at the Motley Fool. He has been educating himself and others about investing and trading for almost as long.  Now financially free, his passion is Wealth Angels, your ticket to mastering personal finance and investing in the stock market.

  • Full time investor and options trader
  • Educated as a physicist, ex-teacher, and retired IT executive/consultant
  • Certified “Best Practices” Duplicate Bridge teacher
  • Certified Lifebook Leader and Lifebook Financial Champion
  • Financially Free since 2021
  • Based in Indiana, USA

Diego Taira

Diego has been investing in individual stocks for 20 years and has been certified as a Financial Planner since he was 20. He has been studying the fundamentals of businesses, from dividend machines to asset-heavy companies, from growth stocks to hyper-growth businesses. He is always looking for even better-performing asset classes, beating the market and growing his portfolio exponentially.

  • Stock Investor & Professional Option Trader
  • Entrepreneur
  • Ex-IT Consultant
  • Certified Strategic Coach
  • Financially Free since 2020
  • Based in Singapore, Asia

Why We Created Wealth Angels

Diego and Sonny came from humble backgrounds (i.e., poor), in different parts of the world, with no financial knowledge given from parents, schools, or mentors.  They spent decades teaching themselves, learning from others, and mastering stock investing.  Both are now financially free.

They met just a few years ago in an on-line personal growth community, where they were “giving back” by teaching members about money and investing.  They discovered their shared passion to teach others what they have learned, and launched Wealth Angels to be the platform to reach a broader audience.

Both learned how to succeed in the market the hard way, via the “school of hard knocks”, and by investing extensively in expensive courses and mentors, studying different sytles and techniques.  Each of those courses focused on one small window about investing, and from those building blocks, they forged a broaders, more comprehensive approach.  By the time they met, they had independently arrived at a similar, holistic approach to investing, despite living worlds apart and taking different paths.  They have taken the best investing principles from masters like Warren Buffet, Peter Lynch,and The Motley Fool, blended in other styles and techniqes, and simplified it into a single, acclerated program.  Investing need not be difficult, nor complex, nor time-consuming.

Now, they want to bring their knowledge and experience to you,  As far as they know, there is no other place you can learn about different styles of investing, how to invest in specific kinds of businesses, and how to know which style to use in a given market.  Each investor is unique, and our holistic approach will allow you to find your style, and invest in businesses that suit your temperment.

Our Mission is to equip you with the right mindset and skills to become a successful investor and, ultimately, to achieve Financial Freedom.

We are not from the financial industry; in fact, we counsel our students that they need not pay anyone to handle their finances.  Nobody will care about your money more than you!  We reject the notion that one investing style should be slavishly adhered to. Value investing, growth investing, long-term investing, short-term investing – all have their moments in the sun. We will give you a variety of tools to allow you to make money in any market condition.

We firmly believe that by spending some time with us, you will become wealthier than you ever imagined, forever change your family’s destiny, have a positive impact on your community, and leave a legacy.

For most people, investing is a lonely endeavor, sometimes overwhelming, and fraught with uncertainty, but it need not be so.  We are creating a community of investors with a common purpose, who can connect and support one another, and enjoy the journey together.   Join us and find success, gain confidence, and from there, grow your knowledge, and march towards financial freedom together.

Our ultimate goal is that each of you will succeed beyond your expectations, and more than that, you will create a ripple effect by sharing your knowledge and wisdom with your family and those around you. Together, we can make this world both wealthier and wiser, in our lifetime, and for generations to come.