You cannot achieve success unless you believe you can.  Shift your mindset toward growth and abundance.  Yes, you deserve this!


Acquire the knowledge and skills you need to be successful investing in all types of businesses, at all phases of their lifecyle, in all market conditions.


Our community will become a vital cog in your success.  Sharpen your knowledge, get support, and thrive!

Our Vision

We want to empower and enable everyone to live the most abundant life possible.

Our Mission

We will equip you with the mindset, skills and discipline to become a successful investor.

How Wealth Angels Can Transform Your Life


Make better, more well-informed decisions in your investing journey.


Get answers to questions that don’t have an easy or obvious answer from your peers and instructors in our Wealth Angels community.


Leverage our experience and knowledge to accelerate your education and skip the trial-and-error most investors have to go through.   Our decades of experience will be condensed into one comprehensive course, saving you time and money!


Join our community and create or reinforce positive habits and routines that reduce procrastination and self-doubt.  Find accountability and support from your peers.


Filter out the noise and focus on what matters.  The financial world seems complex and chaotic, but we will show you the simplicity on the far side of complexity.


Leverage strategies that can enhance your returns with minimal effort and risk.   Make money in up markets, down markets, or sideways markets.


“Your network is your net worth”.   Build your network of like-minded people with similar financial goals.


Learn when to buy and when to sell.  We will offer you a variety of tools to determine entry and exit points for your holdings.


Manage your portfolio like a pro.  Learn how many stocks you should have, and how large each position should be.


Our holistic investing approach will enable you to succeed no matter what your age, your income, or your prior experience.

Investing in Stocks is the Path to Financial Freedom

Investing can generate a source of income other than your salary. Successful investors can earn more than enough money to fire their boss, choose how they spend their time, and who they spend it with.  Money does not buy happiness, but it amplifies who you are and expands who you can become.

Success in investing is exponential; you are likely to generate more wealth than you ever imagined!  You can change your family’s destiny, even if you were born without wealth.  Learn how to teach the next generation your values and knowledge, so they can inherit your legacy and continue to build upon it.

Come, join us on the journey to “realize the future that you desire.”

Why We Focus on Investing in Stocks

Wealth Angels focuses on teaching you to invest in individual stocks.  Stocks provide by far the highest historical returns of any asset class,  require little money to start, are highly liquid with low transaction costs, can be very tax efficient, and require little time and not as much specialized knowledge as you have been led to believe.

Benefits of Investing in Stocks


Of all asset classes, stocks have the highest return over time by far.


Managing your assets requires minimal time, typically only a few hour per week.


Compared to other asset classes, stocks give you unparalleled liquidity are tax efficient.


Information about stocks is easily accessible anywhere, anytime, with a wide array of tools available for free.


You can get started investing in stocks with a few hundred dollars, buy fractional shares, and pay ZERO transaction fees!