Wealth Angels world record breaking Euromillions lottery syndicate wins 99 straight draws in a row!     

Everyone knows that the probability of winning the lottery is a pretty big long shot. How long, however, you probably never really thought about.

The unbeatable and amazing Wealth Angels have their own lottery syndicate, their record winning run has saw them smash all records to now win a massive 99 straight wins in the row from 99 consecutive draws in the Euromillions lottery! Although winning small prizes and still waiting for the BIG win, this achievement is in itself thought to be some sort of record for straight wins by a lottery syndicate with 60+ or less in it. Would you like to increase your chances of winning the lottery? Of course you would! You have come to the right place to help increase your chances of winning the lottery.

This MP3 download designed by top mind power professional and Wealth Angel founder Stephen Richards has the most up to date technology and includes paraliminals. The technology used in creating the paraliminals ensures that you are being given the best opportunity to absorb what is targeted to your subconscious mind. By aligning the unconscious mind through the use of the technology of alpha and theta waves, binaural beats, mild hypnosis, subliminal and paraliminal messages and visualization techniques, you will find it to be possible for to increase your chances of winning the lottery.

Although there is never any guarantee of winning, what this MP3 does is to heighten your senses that make it possible for you pick winning numbers and to calculate the odds of that number being more likely to be drawn.

Many audios just use basic subliminal methods to reach your subconscious mind, this audio goes much further than that, as the paraliminals on it are specifically targeted to the desired outcome and aimed at your subconscious mind while in learning mode it thereby has a far greater chance of working than just by the sole use of subliminals, which are also included in this audio.

The three tracks are to be used initially, but then after some regular use of them you can bypass them and constantly use track 3, which is the Fast Win track. Use audio headphones to gain the maximum benefit from the paraliminals.

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Wealth Angels world record breaking Euromillions lottery syndicate wins 67 straight draws in a row!     

The astounding and tenacious Wealth Angels (closed Facebook group) have yet again crushed all records in winning for 67 consecutive draws in a row from 67 draws entered in the Euromillions lottery!!!!!!!!! Admittedly, the BIG jackpot still awaits us, but we are proactively working on making it ours!


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Some spaces are still left in the Wealth Angels Facebook group (which never numbers more than 100), which is a mind power and abundance creation group of like-minded souls. So if you want to join them apply from  this link on the Wealth Angels Facebook page.

See the amazing Wealth Angels on Youtube in the video below.

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